Arkansas Fans Should Be Mad About Officiating Of Kentucky Game

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If Razorback fans were anything like me, I was blue in the face yelling at my TV. Sure, the referees could not hear my displeasure but man, I was still giving a lashing. The officials probably would have T’d me up twice in a minute and then ejected me.
In all sports, there have been very more controversial calls that went against Arkansas than those that went for them. That is a different story for another day BUT last night was another instant that just made Arkansas fans blood pressure go trough the roof.
Clearly, Keldon Johnson was shuffling his feet before passing the ball to the top of the key. Was it called? No![wpvideo RsMx5BAK ]
Then, this was considered “controversial” as this was called as an over-the-back violation.
#BBN and the announcers did not think so. Arkansan, Jimmy Dykes, said “In no way was that a foul.”
After all, the lack of officiating continued. Is this not a backcourt violation?[wpvideo KLlzHDmh ]
Now, how can you not overturn this call?[wpvideo cpYdJARL ][wpvideo 2dpNf0Mg ]
Obviously, the ball went off Johnson instead of Mason Jones.
Finally, of all calls, how in the world do you throw an elbow at the defender and he fall back slightly and not call a flagrant two?[wpvideo 3EPg2X6k ]
Arkansas did have a 16 point lead at one point late in the first half. Even though Kentucky ultimately came back with their own offensive prowess, there was no need for the officiating to protect one of the top three teams in the conference.
Mike Anderson should be mad and ask the SEC to review it and punish the officials in some way.

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