San Jose State Review


After Arkansas’ 31-24 loss last night to San Jose State I spent all day today compressing and really taking on what happened. What went wrong? How did this team come in to Fayetteville and grind out a win ? From the very first play from scrimmage, I had a feeling that this game was going to be different than what so many had predicted. Arkansas came in as a 21 point favorite and only five plays into the game, Donald W Reynolds Stadium was silent. This lost was very similar to last years game with North Texas, but I believe it took more by surprise than last year. Coming off a win against Colorado State there was a different vibe. There was a belief that Arkansas finally had a quarterback that was capable of getting Arkansas out of this slump. There was a belief that Arkansas finally had a coach that put the hammer down in the left lane and reeled off 21 unanswered points in the fourth quarter. A coach that was finally getting into his grove and O line that was blocking and receivers that were able to haul in those clutch catches. In one game against San Jose State that was wiped away. Every time the fan base starts to believe something happens and just crushes the souls of so many. It is just like Charlie Brown trying to kick that football. No matter how many times he tries to kick it, it always gets pulled right out from underneath him.  Saturday’s game was a gut punch to so many and a lot of fans are starting to point fingers. 

Where does the football team go from here? I believe that there are some tough decisions coming soon. You have a defensive coordinator that can’t seem to scheme a game plan against a MWC team. The scapegoat of not having the talent is starting to run dry. Morris might not have the talent to run with SEC teams yet and that’s not expected in year two but there is talent there to be able to play with a team in a far inferior conference. Last week after the win the team introduced “Club W”. Now after only a week later the club is shut down. The state of the fan base is already at an all time low. Are we staring at another 2-10 season or can Arkansas snap out of it and just focus on business and turn this around. The good thing is that all isn’t lost. They still have some winnable games left on the schedule. The bad news is they haven’t even started the hard part of the schedule. Their next four games are Texas A&M, Kentucky, Auburn, and Alabama. It starts this week with Texas A&M. We have to stop the hashtags and the cliches and the shenanigans and the gimmicks. It’s time to either prove that Morris can handle the pressure or it might be time to start making some changes within the coaching staff.

All in all this is a great place to coach. You have top notch facilities and one of the best, if not the best fan base in all of college football. The fans have been hurting for a long time and they deserve success. They deserve to see the football team start winning and the University of Arkansas deserves to have their biggest revenue maker to start filling the stadium.

-Porter Hayes is a bear writer for Sports & Culture and the producer for The Hawg Talk Podcast.

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